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  • The Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce is creating its own version of the vintage game Monopoly©. The board will be filled with Anderson, Mt. Washington, Newtown and western Clermont businesses. 

    We are initially producing 1,000 games to be sold at the Chamber office and our community events. These will be great keepsakes for Anderson area families and fantastic corporate gifts for businesses in the area!


    Money Sponsors                                                                     Custom Money                            SOLD

    This representation includes identity on each denomination of money in the game.

    Deck Sponsors                                                                        Card Deck A                                   SOLD
                                                                                                       Card Deck B                                   SOLD

    Representation includes identity on the back of all 14 playing cards in the deck and on the board three times.

    Property Board Space Sponsor                                           Property Spaces 1-20                    $400 each
                                                                                                       Highest Two Spaces                       SOLD
                                                                                                       Railroads – 4                                   $400 each
                                                                                                       Utilities – 2                                       SOLD

    This representation includes a space on the game board and on the deed card.                                                                          

    Token Sponsors                                                                      Total of 6 tokens available             $100 each               

    This representation includes a Zinc playing piece and recognition on the bottom box.                                                          

    Action Space Sponsors                                                          4 corner spaces                               SOLD
                                                                                                       Property Tax Space                         SOLD
                                                                                                       Car Fine Space                                 SOLD
    This representation includes a space on the board.

    Shout-out Sponsors                                                              Representation playing card           $25 each

    This representation includes a mention (shout-out) on one of the contingency cards.

    Please contact the Anderson Area Chamber office at (513) 474-4802 to reserve your space or click HERE to download the Anderson-opoly Commitment Form and email it back to the Chamber office - marlisa@andersonareachamber.org

    Spaces will be reserved on a first come, first-served basis. Once you fill out your Commitment Form and return it to the Chamber office with payment or call the office with your space request and make a payment, your space is then officially locked in.  You may contact the office for more details or questions. 

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  • Above is an example game board from Miamisburg, OH

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