• Professional Development

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  • Professional Development is the continuous process of acquiring new knowledge and skills that relate to one's profession, job responsibilities, or work environment.

  • The Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce provides a FREE monthly Professional Development Series to its members with the purpose of educating and developing the skills of local business leaders.  The events are broken down into three categories (Lunch n' Learn, Marketing Roundtable and Employment Law Issues Roundtable) and rotated quarterly.

  • Lunch n' Learn

    Lunch n Learn programs can include a variety of topics, ranging from Social Media information, Leadership, Technology updates, Public Speaking tips, etc.  Lunch n' Learns are valuable ways for local business leaders to learn about timely information to help improve their leadership skills and/or information to grow their business.

  • Marketing Roundtable

    Marketing Roundtable programs can include topics that pertain to Marketing information for businesses.  Topics include: Social Media information, Website design, Online Advertising, new Technology, current Marketing trends, etc.  Marketing Roundtables are valuable ways for local business leaders to stay on top of current marketing trends and get tips for their business' social media platforms. 

  • Employment Law Issues Roundtable

    Employment Law Issue Roundtable programs include topics that pertain to Human Resource issues and valuable information on the rights of the employer and employee.  Topics include:  Pre-Hiring Process, Drafting Performance Corrective Action and Discipline Documentation, 13 Steps to Botch an Employment Termination, Effectively Handling Requests for Medical Leaves and Job Adjustments (FLMA), etc.  These mini-seminars provide valuable information that could potentially save your business thousands of dollars in litigation.

  • The Chamber's professional development series is designed to update members on current and changing industry standards as well as educate businesses on new technology and methods to help their businesses grow and succeed.

    Due to COVID-19, we are currently meeting via Zoom, but as regulations begin to relax we will be going back to in person events. 

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  • Thank you to our series sponsors!